Error in Running PAT by command line

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Error in Running PAT by command line

Post  alex2ren on Fri Feb 21, 2014 3:11 am

There is no problem using PAT with GUI. When I tried to run PAT via command line, I met the following error:
G:\Programs\Process Analysis Toolkit\Process Analysis Toolkit 3.5.0>PAT3.Console.exe -csp mytest/test.csp mytest/result
Invalid arguments. Could not load file or assembly 'file:///G:\Programs\Process Analysis Toolkit\Process Analysis Toolk
t 3.5.0\Modules\NESC\PAT.Module.NESC.dll' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.For all
modules except UML:
usage: PAT3.Console.exe [module] [options]* inputFile outputFile
-module short_name: Put the short_name of your module.
-csp: Verification using CSP Module. If there is no module option, this is the default one.
-rts: Verification using Real-Time System Module.
-pcsp: Verification using Probabilistic CSP Module.
-prts: Verification using Probabilistic Real-Time System Module.

For UML modules:
A: PAT3.Console.exe -uml inputFile outputFile
It translates inputFile into a CSP# model and outputs the CSP# model to outputFile.
B: PAT3.Console.exe -uml [options]* inputFile1 inputFile2 outputFile
It translates inputFile1 and inputFile2 into CSP# models and verifies the assertion <inputFile1 refines inputFile2> us
ng CSP Module.
-b: (B)atch mode, the inputFile shall be the batch file containing lines of examples.
Each line shall have the following format: -f inputFile
-d: (D)irectory mode, the inputFile shall be the input directory name. All examples inside the directory will be execu
Please use only -b or -d.
-behavior n: specify the admissible behavior as integer value n. Default value is 0.
-engine n: specify the search engine as integer value n. Default value is 0.
-help: print HELP information.
-nc: (N)o (C)ounterexample display.
-on: (O)n-the-fly Normalization. Suggest not to use, since static normalization is usually faster.
-v: (V)erbose mode.
-ver: (VER)sion.
There is no file called "PAT.Module.NESC.dll" at all after I installed the PAT 3.5.0.


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